Everything you need in a single tool

Detailed route instructions

Turn-by-turn instructions adapted to real-time traffic conditions

Suggest next best job

Whenever something unexpected happens, Cofrai suggests alternative nearby jobs to maximize technician productivity

Digital checklists 

Technician app (iOS and Android) that works offline, with official and customizable checklists

Add information for next visits

Technicians can add information to make future jobs easier (text, audio, photo, video)

Budgets for common anomalies

Automatically present corrective budgets for most common anomalies 

Sign, invoice and get paid

Finalize job orders on the field and minimize administrative work

Automated budgets, certificates and invoices

Automatically creates all documents associated with your job orders

Multiple pricing options

Unitary and closed budgets; fixed tariffs or customer-specific prices; we cover all the options you need

Optimize routes with 1 click

Optimize and assign your technician routes with a click of a button

Easy dispatching and adjusting

Flexibility to change routes or (re)assign job orders so you can adjust to last-minute changes

Create, edit, search, send and sign contracts

Save 95% of your time managing contracts: Maintenance, GDPR, access, etc. 

Automatically create recurring job orders

All your future maintenance job orders are created automatically

Simplified access control

All the information for access control is updated and integrated with your customers’ portals

Integrated with your accounting software

Cofrai integrates with your accounting software so you don’t have to change

Dashboard with key metrics

Control the key variables that drive your business

Real-time overview of technicians

View the progress of all your technicians on the field

Information for certifications

Keep updated and compliant with all the regulation and certifications you need

Analyze productivity and profitability

Cofrai allows you to analyze productivity of technicians and customer-level profitability

Control commercial activities

Follow-up on leads, budgets and installations and close more business

Simplified procurement

Cofrai simplifies your procurement and ensures you keep the right level of inventory