Save. Grow. Organize.

Save Time

Automate administrative work
Cofrai allows you to save massive amounts of time, by automating >80% of your administrative tasks across budgeting, invoicing, generating contracts and certificates, preparing access control information, etc.
Easily plan and adjust routes
With Cofrai you can prepare next month’s maintenance routes with a click of a button and you can easily adjust them as needed
Easy onboarding of information
We will take care of onboarding and cleaning your data, to minimize the time you need to dedicate to get up and running
Reduce administrative cost
For most maintainers, the cost of managing a job order is above €5. With Cofrai’s automation capabilities and great flexibility you can reduce your cost per job order to less than €1
Get rid of paper
With Cofrai you can finally stop using paper in your daily operations
Save on fuel
Cofrai allows you to save 25% or more in fuel costs, by giving you optimized routes, flexibility and a greater percentage of jobs successfully completed in the first visit

Spend Less

Grow your business

Increase technician productivity
Cofrai can increase technicians’ productivity by up to 2 times with better information, better routes and minimal time wasted between and during jobs
Win more customers
With Cofrai you will save time to dedicate to commercial activities and you will be better able to keep track of sales opportunities, win more contracts, complete more corrective jobs and grow your business
Understand your business
Cofrai gives you the data, the tools, the insights and the analytics so you can better understand and manage your business
Store all documentation correctly
Easily store and search all job orders, checklists, contracts, invoices, reports and certificates so you never lose any information
Minimize errors
With Cofrai’s tools you will minimize errors in the field and in the back office, saving you time and hassle and providing a better service to your customers
Be 100% compliant
Cofrai helps you make sure you keep 100% compliant with all regulation and certifications at all times

Get organized